New Church


Core Group: Peter Ryan (convenor), Clare Borst, Sheila Ferguson, Geoff Mettrick and Anna Ryan.

I do not believe we can have a “committee” for prayer so I have formed a core group which has prayed together and trusts that we are working under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we pray for our parish as we build our new church and relocate our school.

We have begun our ministry in these ways:

  1. Writing a Prayer of the Faithful and a Prayer Focus each week for the parish newsletter. This material is based on current developments in our planning and building programme.
  2. Writing material for Pastoral Pages and for Project on a Page, encouraging individuals to pray for the parish at this time.
  3. Organising a prayer service to take place on the new parish land in Milne Drive each Sunday at 11.30am, commencing Sunday 5 July. This service aims to claim the land spiritually. The format will be: 1. Sign of the Cross 2. Opening prayer 3. Scripture reading 4. Ten minutes for individuals or groups to pray according to their own charism (rosary, charismatic, contemplation) 5. Reassemble for hymn 6. Conclude with parish prayer. Time involved should be about 20 minutes.

Established and known prayer and scripture groups, as well as others groups in the parish that meet regularly and might like to be involved in praying formally for our church and school building programme, have been invited to join us in prayer in their own way. In this way I am hoping that whole-parish and individual prayer can be supplemented by small-group prayer. I am also hoping that there can be two-way communication between each of the groups and the core group – so that you know what is going on and what to pray for and so that you communicate any issues with us.

You may wish to pray within your own group’s charism. If you prefer to have common, prepared prayer, there is the parish prayer and also the following prayer, prepared by Cynthia Scott.

Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit to fill the parish of Our Lady of Kapiti with your love, that we may be one as You are one with the Father and the Father is one with You.  So being one with You we can ask and believe that our prayer for the building of our new church and school will be filled with the power of your Holy Spirit and bear good fruit. We ask this for Your Glory. Amen.

I can be contacted via:

Peter Ryan