TradeMe to Build our Church

In every household there are items which are no longer used or wanted. Needs change over time. Children grow and leave home. Families move house, renovate or redecorate. Tastes and fashions change. Aging brings limitations. All these things result in items being set aside, stored away and often forgotten.

Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish / Te Whaea Tapu o Kāpiti has opened a Trade Me Account to raise funds for our Parish Centre Building Project. You are invited to review your household goods with a view to donating any unwanted saleable items to this cause.

The “Trade to Build” fundraising effort is not confined to parishioners. Please spread the word to your families, friends, local businesses, employers, and workmates. Provided that donors are prepared to have goods collected on site once the sale process is complete, we can sell items anywhere around the country. This is a great opportunity to call in favours from anyone you can think of with links to our Parish.

Donated goods will be listed for sale on the Trade Me on-line auction site. An authorised Parish Trader will act on behalf of the Parish to achieve optimum return for each item. Items must be in good, saleable condition. Each item should have an expected resale value in excess of $25.

To donate an item, or to obtain further information, please contact, or phone Claire Reiher 904 6956.

Of course the other means of supporting “Trade to Build” is to purchase listed items. To view our current listings visit Select “Community”, “Member Profiles”, and enter member name “oloktrader”.

Or click here to go to OLOK TradeMe listings


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