WHAT’S BEEN ON YOUR MIND? – The Development Group set up a dedicated email address so that specific queries from parishioners could be responded to.  These are the questions so far received:-


Q: “As one who is very interested in possible designs for our new church I note the phrase “We wish our church building to be recognisably Catholic” included in the Our Lady of Kapiti Build Vision Statement.   Can you clarify what this statement means in terms of design and external feature?”

A: We do not have a specific symbol or architectural feature in mind at this stage in the project.   We included the statement “recognisably Catholic” in our vision so that as the design evolves from concept through developed to detailed design we can ensure that the building itself is a witness of our Catholic faith to the wider Kapiti community.   All parishioners will have the opportunity to review and comment on the design at the various stages in its evolution.


Q: “I was just wondering if there will be consultation with parents of young (0 – 5 year old) children in regards to the new build?   The current situation is far from ideal however I never really thought that much about it until I was a parent.   Breast feeding, changing and juggling more than one child (esp from a noise point of view) can be difficult at Mass and a new build is a great opportunity to make church a baby/child friendly place for young families.”

A: The team intend to consult widely both with individual parishioners and groups within the parish.   Families with young children have already been identified as one such group and their particular needs will be considered as the design evolves.


Q: “My first query relates to the photo of the Development team.  The comment was made to me that ‘surely there is a woman or women in the parish who have the necessary skill, knowledge and ability’.  I suggest either ensuring the group is diverse, or communicating that this group is the pointy end and they network back to a variety and diverse groups.”

A: The photo referred to  (in Pastoral Pages) was of the Steering Group, not the Development Group.  The Steering Group (see the last edition of “Project on a Page”) comprises the Sponsor, the Parish Priest, Chairs of both Parish and Finance Councils, Liturgy lead, School representative and Archdiocese representative.  The Development Group (detailed elsewhere in this newsletter) includes several women as members of the particular teams – almost certainly their numbers will grow as differing needs and perceptions become evident.


Q: “My second query relates to a comment from a parishioner from Waikanae.   Are the needs of our various faith communities being met?   The commenter refers to ‘base communities’.  This would include people who live in Waikanae and identify with that area (bearing in mind the Archbishops vision statement of one parish, two churches)”.

A: We are now one Parish, one Community in Christ so the needs of the whole are paramount rather than the needs of a part.   Our new parish did indeed begin it’s life as “one parish with two Mass centres” but, with the realities already well documented and discussed (shortage of Priests and condition/safety of existing Churches) the future has been determined.    There is evidence already that “area identification” is shifting with the participation by Paraparaumu parishioners at Waikanae Masses and vice versa.


The Development Group has also received (through this system) several constructive letters from parishioners with thoughts around Church design.  These have all been forwarded to the Liturgy and  Build Design Group for discussion.

PLEASE – if you have a query connected with the school and Church project, send it to or, if you’re not on “the net” then send it to the Parish Office in Waikanae.

INCLUDE your contact details so that we can respond which we will do promptly and accurately.